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ROYI Candle Making Kit Supplies DIY Scented Soy Candles Colored Candle Craft Set DIY Gift Set by Soy Wax, Fragance Oil, Dyes, Wicks, Silicone Mold, Pot,Tins & More for Candle Beginners DIY Starter

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ღ【Candle Making Kit】Candle Making Set includs 4*100% natural Soy Wax, 6*Premium Scents, 4*Candle Tin with lids, 6*Color Dye, Wax Melting Pot, Digital Thermometer, 12*Wicks, Stir Spoon, Candle Center Device, 5*Silicone mold,Gift card,Guide with Photographs & more. We want your candles to look, smell and burn like those expensive high-end shop candles. That's why we source only top-quality ingredients, pure fragrances, and sturdy tools that are easy to use. ღ【Premium fragrance 】Candle Making Kit fragrance:Rose-Romantic, Lemon-Refreshing,Lavender-Calm, Ocean-Relax, Mint-Spirit,Vanilla-Warmming.Premium Candle Fragrance safe to handle no strong chemical smell, your will be amazed with how good your candles will smell.Even if you do not use flavors, our soy wax has the fragrance of pure beeswax without any bad plastic smell.In order to distinguish what flavor you put in your production, you can add matching dye colors according to the smell of the fragrance. ღ【EASY TO USE KIT】We’ve made it simple to know how to make beautiful tea light candles and round candles by including detailed instructions and guide-start your candle making journey.The candle making set is suitable for family craft time, let you or your child make handmade candles. this kit contains all the materials needed to make a transparent candle. Let you make your own candles, let you enjoy DIY, and give full play to your imagination.It's transparent, so you can add all kinds of things into the candle to make it look more attractive. ღ【Different Shapes of Candles 】In addition to the silicone mold provided in our Candle Making Kit,you can provide different silicone molds to make the candle shape you like. Or you can use more creativity and use discarded glass cups at home as containers. You can also add petals, shells, pearls, etc. as candle decorations, making it not only a candle, but also a decoration. The perfect candle can also be given to your family or friends.If you don’t have a good idea, you can go to youtu to learn a better production method. ღ【Aromatherapy Candle function】Scented candles are a way to add fragrance to the room. In a quiet night, or need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the indispensable decorations. The beating flame and the diffuse fragrance give rise to a warm feeling. Through the fragrance, it relieves the tension and busyness of life. It can be placed in any ideal place such as office and residence.Use it during sleep to improve sleep quality.Our Candle Making Kit can help you.

Go with our candle making craft kit, create and enjoy unforgettable times of working together on projects between you and people who you love. A super awesome bond between you. Wonderful presents for adults, teens, family, friends or yourself at any occasions like birthday or anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

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